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Three helicopters evacuate victims from California accident

Six pedestrians were struck, and one was killed, when a 65-year-old man drove his Nissan sedan onto the sidewalk in the 3600 block of Sonoma Boulevard in Vallejo. Three helicopters descended on the scene to transport victims. Two of them were a 4-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy, who were hurt alongside their mother. A traffic … Read More

6 dead, 7 injured in balcony collapse in Berkeley, California

Six people died and seven others were seriously injured when a fourth-floor balcony collapsed during a birthday gathering early Tuesday, June 16, 2015, in Berkeley, California. This tragic incident occurred at the Library Gardens Apartment near the UC Berkeley Campus. Thirteen people fell from the balcony when it gave way. Four were pronounced dead at … Read More

Berkeley balcony collapse draws attention to serious safety issue

While she was traveling in Ireland, newspaper Irish Independent sought Mary Alexander’s input concerning the Berkeley balcony collapse and the potential legal issues that could follow. Mary has represented victims and their families in balcony lawsuits involving very similar circumstances, including a case involving another residential balcony collapse that occurred in 2009. Mary noted to … Read More

Small bumps and brain injuries in California

Although researchers have known that large hits to the head can cause long-term trauma, they are starting to realize that smaller hits can have lasting effects as well. Typically, mild brain injuries are caused by the inertia of the moving brain inside of the skull. They tend to cause dizziness and headache but don’t lead … Read More

Driver in zombie parade incident pleads not guilty

California residents may be interested to learn that a driver who was responsible for driving through a crowd of pedestrians during San Francisco’s Comic-Con pleaded not guilty to charges on May 3. The incident occurred at a zombie parade near 2nd and Island avenues in July 2014. During the preliminary hearing, more than a dozen … Read More

California girl collapses with brain aneurysm

A California teenager collapsed with a brain aneurysm while playing softball in May 2015, and her friends and family are hoping to raise awareness of the condition. A brain aneurysm occurs when a brain artery weakens and ruptures. This can lead to a brain injury, a stroke or death. According to reports, the girl told … Read More

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