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Pedestrian Safety Tips from San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyers

On December 3, a 65-year-old man and 64-year-old woman were injured in a hit-and-run collision in San Francisco. Both people were crossing the street when they were struck by a driver, who then fled the scene. Unfortunately, the man later died from his injuries. While drivers should watch for pedestrians, it is also important for pedestrians to be careful. Our personal injury lawyers in San Francisco would like to offer you some pedestrian safety tips. Entire blog

Two Members Of R&B Band, Tower of Power, Hit By An Amtrak Train In Oakland

Two members of the R&B band, Tower of Power, are in critical condition after they were hit by an Amtrak train on Thursday night near Jack London Square in Oakland, California.

Tower of Power, Drummer Dave Garibaldi, sustained facial and head injuries. It has been reported that a complete recovery is expected. The band’s back-up Bassist Marc Van Wageningen, suffered internal injuries including broken ribs and a concussion. He underwent surgery on Thursday night at Highland Hospital, as reported by the band’s publicist. More tests will be conducted after his condition stabilizes. Entire blog

What You Should Know After The Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire – Premises Liability: Fires

Just last month, a warehouse fire materialized in Oakland, California, claiming the most fatalities in a United States building since 2003, according to the National Fire Protection Association. While investigators considered several possible causes for the fire, primarily concerning defects in electrical appliances, they do not provide a conclusive explanation as to what initiated the fire. However, absent fire sprinklers, inaudible smoke detectors, and abundant wooden structures throughout the property give insight into delays in discovering the fire, and ultimately, preventing the unfortunate loss of 36 people. The tragedy, startling and recent, strongly emphasizes premises liability’s significance in protecting individuals who experienced a building fire. If you or someone you know suffered injuries sustained from a property fire, Bay Area personal injury attorneys at Mary Alexander & Associates can evaluate your case through a free consultation.

Premises Liability – What is It? 

A large degree of responsibility comes with property ownership. Premises liability outlines property owners’ duty to establish and preserve a safe environment for both residents and guests. Fire remains an imminent risk to such safety, which property owners must address through the repair and replacement of defective electrical appliances and problematic wiring, either due to the property’s age or general negligence. When property owners inadequately address the risk of fire, further investigation and a lawsuit often deems them liable, or responsible, for injury and deaths of individuals within the building.

Common Causes of Property Fires

Property fires undoubtedly inflict immense suffering, including serious burns, suffocation, and instant or eventual death. Numerous factors of these grave consequences include:

  • Faulty functioning in electrical appliances, such as stoves, ovens, toasters, and refrigerators.
  • Overheated appliances.
  • Aged and defective electrical outlets.
  • Gas leaks.
  • Ineffective fire extinguishers.
  • Materials within a building’s interior that ignite fires (such as wood).
  • Absence of designated staff tasked with addressing and mitigating fires.
  • Inaudible or broken smoke detectors.

Speak With Us

The devastating Oakland fire stresses premises liability’s importance and addresses possible negligence of property owners upon injury and death. If you, or anyone you know suffers injuries, loss, and financial hardship stemming from a property fire, contact Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C. at 415-966-2626.

Mary Alexander Investigates Ghost Ship Fire Scene

Mary Alexander, a San Francisco based personal injury attorney, is investigating the Ghost Ship fire scene where the lives of 36 people were claimed in a blaze early last month. As you can tell by the picture, there is not much left of the warehouse where numerous people lived and frequent dance parties were held.

The parents of two individuals, Griffin Madden and Michela Gregory who died in the fire, have filed a lawsuit against the owner and occupier of the warehouse and joined numerous other parties including the promoter, performer, and others that may have been involved in the circumstances that led to the tragic fire. Claims have also been filed with the City of Oakland and County of Alameda. Mary Alexander is representing the parents of Griffin Madden and Michela Gregory.

In wrongful death cases, it is important that the victim’s survivors act quickly in their response to the death of their loved one. Consulting with a personal injury attorney that is experienced in wrongful death causes of action should be done as soon as possible. A skilled attorney will complete an independent investigation into the facts and circumstances. Certain elements must be proven in order to prevail in a lawsuit and the attorney’s independent investigation often leads to the discovery of evidence that others may have overlooked.

If you lost a loved one in the Ghost Ship fire or any other fire that you believe was the result of another party’s negligence, call Mary Alexander & Associates at 415-966-2626 or contact us online to schedule a no cost consultation.  

Oakland Ghost Ship Lawsuit filed after Warehouse Fire Claims 36 Lives

An Oakland Ghost Ship lawsuit filed against Oakland’s Ghost Ship warehouse owner alleges numerous people were aware of the dangers the building posed long before the deadly blaze claimed 36 lives in December.

Families of individuals killed in the warehouse are teaming up in a lawsuit against Ghost Ship’s owners as well as employees of city and county departments. San Francisco attorney Mary Alexander, who is representing the families of two partygoers, announced the filing of the lawsuit against the building owner, promoters, and the individual in charge of the show. Oakland Fire Department was also named in the lawsuit as members of the department attended and held a music event prior to the deadly fire and they are believed to have been aware of the hazards the warehouse posed. Entire blog

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