Monthly Archives: January 2018

Why Did a Truck Crash into Pedestrians in Richmond?

Geary Boulevard is one of San Francisco’s busiest streets, but on Monday, January 1st, the busy street was partially shut down. That’s because a box truck careened out of control and plowed into pedestrians and cars. Now the authorities and crash victims are left with many questions as they try to figure out why this … Read More

Will iPhone Slowdowns Cost Apple in Court?

Are you a fan of Apple’s iPhone? If you are, and you happen to have an older model, then you may have noticed the device slowing down after a new phone is released. Previously, some claimed these iPhone slowdowns were a figment of people’s imaginations, but a group of Reddit users weren’t convinced. They tested … Read More

What Are the Costs of a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A simple trip to the museum has turned into a medical nightmare for one San Francisco family. A mother had taken her daughter and son out to enjoy the culture of our city when her boy fell from a ledge. The eight-foot fall ended in an awning below, but while falling the boy struck a … Read More

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