When a car roof is crushed or collapses in a car accident, people inside the car are likely to suffer serious injuries or death. In many instances, the injuries might have been prevented had the structure and materials of the roof met accepted safety standards. However, in efforts to cut costs, vehicle manufacturers are known to cut corners, resulting in catastrophic injury or death. If you or a family member has recently been in a car accident where the roof was caved in call us at 415.966.2626 or email us today.

Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo & San Francisco Caved in Roof Accident Attorneys

At the law firm of Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., our Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo or San Francisco attorneys help clients who have sustained serious injuries or have lost loved ones in roof crush accidents. With more than 30 years of experience, our lawyers have the skills and knowledge to handle these often-complex cases. We develop strong cases and use the latest courtroom presentation technology to tell our client’s story effectively.

Questions That Must Be Answered to Build a Strong Case

We also have the tenacity and resources to analyze these cases thoroughly, consulting with automotive engineers, safety experts and manufacturing specialists to determine how and why the roof collapsed or was crushed. Did a roof pillar snap during a rollover? Did something land on the roof, which then collapsed? Did the roof invade the passenger compartment? Were the roof materials defective? Was the roof strength adequately tested? Were the roof pillars designed to be in the correct spot? We work with our consultants to get the full story of the roof crush and the injuries it caused.

When the roof crush caused a fatality, we file wrongful death claims on behalf of surviving family members. Our lawyers make sure that our clients’ losses are calculated correctly so they can be relieved of financial anxiety during a terrible time in their lives.

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If you were involved in an accident that included a roof crush or collapse,  contact us online or call 415.966.2626 our experienced Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo & San Francisco roof crush accident attorneys. Learn about your rights and options.

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