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Cesarean sections: there is a balance between benefits and risk

The chances that our readers have been pregnant themselves or at least know a woman that has been are pretty high. During a pregnancy, due dates can be a funny thing. At first, they are extremely exciting. A day approximately nine months into the future gets circled on a calendar, and the weeks are checked … Read More

CHP focuses on distracted driving, hopes drivers do too

Inattention on the road is never a good thing. Looking down for a couple seconds, even at low speeds, can cause a car accident. When the collision involves two vehicles, a simple distracted driving fender bender might only result in an awkward conversation between drivers and a minor insurance claim. When the collision involves a … Read More

Number of spinal cord injuries suffered in falls raises concern

As we age, it becomes harder to fight illness and injury. Our bones become more brittle, making a broken leg or a broken hip not only much more likely but also more difficult to repair. This isn’t exactly groundbreaking news for San Francisco residents, but it does make the results of a recent study even … Read More

San Fran: elderly immigrants at higher risk for pedestrian injury

Pedestrian accidents continue to plague the streets in San Francisco. Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians often result in very serious injuries and fatalities. Pedestrian accidents can be horrific, and San Francisco is trying to raise awareness to the risks of pedestrian-motor vehicle accidents in order to keep everyone safe. All pedestrians are at risk for … Read More

2013 was deadliest year of past 7 for San Francisco pedestrians

As the post title says, 2013 was not a good year for pedestrian safety in San Francisco. The number of fatal accidents that occurred in those 12 months made it the deadliest year in the past seven for pedestrians. December was particularly bad, with seven total pedestrian fatalities. Even though it is the pedestrian that … Read More

Improperly secured lid causes California woman’s burn injuries

Approximately 20 years ago, there was a personal injury lawsuit that caught national attention, drawing varied reactions. Many people still remember the basic details about the burn injury lawsuit. The party that was injured in this case was a woman who had purchased coffee that proved to be excessively hot at a McDonald’s restaurant. The … Read More

Breastfeeding mixup poses serious risks to newborn child

In August, parents in California were told that another woman had breastfed their premature baby boy. It was an accident that was caused when a nurse brought the newborn to the wrong mother. Only a few months later, another report surfaced involving a similar baby mix-up in Texas. The thought that someone else provided milk … Read More

Do California cyclists need more protection than a bike lane?

Bike lanes were created to provide cyclists with a safe place on the roads, away from the congestion of pedestrian traffic but separate from vehicles. The lanes can work when everyone is doing what they are supposed to, following the laws of the road. But what happens when just one individual’s actions fall below these … Read More

CHP says an I280 pedestrian fatality will require major probe

A mysterious pedestrian fatality on Interstate 280 in Daly City this morning has the California Highway Patrol turning to the public for help. There are questions about who the man might have been and why he appeared to be scrambling to get away on foot when he was struck and killed. Officials say they believe … Read More

2 pedestrian fatalities in 24 hours in San Francisco

The first accident occurred on Thursday, Dec. 19, in Chinatown. An elderly woman had pulled up to an open spot on Jackson Street. While she was attempting to park the car, she suddenly accelerated. The news report did not say what caused her to accelerate, but when she did, she struck two pedestrians and collided … Read More

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