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‘I’m just so thirsty’ says burn injury victim

In our San Francisco Personal Injury Law Blog, we share the fact that those that are harmed by another’s negligent can seek compensation for their injuries, lost wages, medical bills and other damages. While a lot of personal injury cases focus on negligent actions, a victim of intentional actions can file a claim as well. … Read More

Child with cerebral palsy lives a different life than peers

Children in California with a disability like cerebral palsy can accomplish amazing feats. Their courage and determination alone is often astonishing, but the truth is that their childhood is different from their peers. The challenges that they often face are not easy. For instance, even holding a pencil can take years of training. In order … Read More

Birth injury settlement will help pay for long-term future care

In April 2012, a woman 39 weeks into her pregnancy began to experience severe abdominal pains. She was immediately rushed to County-USC. There, the woman spent 14 hours waiting in the labor and delivery unit. Not once did an obstetrician come by to give her an examination. She was eventually discharged. The woman remained out … Read More

Recruiting pool for NFL, college could dwindle with TBI concerns

Playing in the National Football League may be considered a job that is envied by California residents and other teens and adults across the country. Have you ever watched a San Francisco 49ers game and thought “I’d give anything to have those talents or that employment contract”? It takes a talented, extremely athletic and even … Read More

Can video games reduce pain for burn injury victims?

Where a serious burn injury has occurred, negligence is often found. Cases range from ones involving a defective electric blanket to fires that have broken out after a car accident or at a commercial building. In other cases, it isn’t flames that can burn the skin but instead it is chemicals. However they occur, burn … Read More

Brain injuries suffered by athletes of all ages

As of late, there has been a lot of discussion around the issue of traumatic brain injuries that occur in contact sports. Much of the focus has been on the professional athletes that play in the National Football League. Although a lawsuit by former NFL players may have prompted the safety discussion, they aren’t the … Read More

2012 was record year for San Francisco pedestrian accidents

When a pedestrian is struck by motor vehicle, it isn’t even a contest. The car will win. A pedestrian has no protection against the force of a powerful car, which is why many of these accidents prove fatal for the person on foot. San Francisco is working on becoming the nation’s leading “walkable” city, for … Read More

Did a Hospital Tried to Harvest Organs of a Patient Who Was Still Alive?

Healthcare can be complicated. For this reason, some medical mistakes are excusable. Most of us with no medical training are nonetheless able to understand that things can go wrong and mistakes can be made even when doctors and nurses are working as diligently as possible. Conversely, there are medical malpractice cases displaying so much negligence … Read More

Facebook’s executive chef killed in California motorcycle crash

Due to its beautiful weather, California has more than its share of year-round motorcyclists. But even though it is common to see motorcyclists out at any time of year, that doesn’t mean that California roads and highways are motorcycle-friendly. These smaller, two-wheeled vehicles offer less protection to their riders and are less visible to other … Read More

Mother shares achievements of child after brachial plexus injury

“That was the happiest day of my life.” It is a sentence that is often used to describe some of life’s most important events. As we grow, we may say it when we graduate from college, when we meet the love of our life or when we walk down the aisle and pledge the rest … Read More

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