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Pedestrian accidents are all too common in the Bay Area, but could a San Francisco injury attorney help make a differences?

Should Uber Be Held Responsible for This Hit-and-Run Injury?

When you hitch a ride with a rideshare company, you expect a certain level of safety on that ride. This is especially true if you have had a few drinks and driving yourself is out of the question. So, what would you do if that promise of safety was breached? A woman and her brother … Read More

Why Did a Truck Crash into Pedestrians in Richmond?

Geary Boulevard is one of San Francisco’s busiest streets, but on Monday, January 1st, the busy street was partially shut down. That’s because a box truck careened out of control and plowed into pedestrians and cars. Now the authorities and crash victims are left with many questions as they try to figure out why this … Read More

These Are the Three Most Dangerous Intersections in San Francisco

For many years now, San Francisco has sought to be both a walk-friendly and bike-friendly community. Across the city, new bike lanes and crosswalks have been popping up all over the city, but there are still some areas you need to be careful of if you are walking or riding a bicycle. What Are the … Read More

California man charged after fatal pedestrian accident

The California Highway Patrol has reported that a 23-year-old man was taken into custody on Feb. 16 following a motor vehicle accident that claimed the life of a pedestrian in Los Angeles County. Media reports indicate that the Hacienda Heights man is a facing felony DUI charge, and his bail has been set at $100,000. … Read More

4 killed and many injured when car runs into crowd at parade

As California residents celebrate homecoming festivities at schools and colleges across the state, a homecoming parade in another state was the scene of a fatal accident. On Oct. 24, an alleged drunk driver crashed into a crowd of spectators at Oklahoma State University’s homecoming parade. At least four people were killed in the crash. The … Read More

Some crosswalks may get new hybrid system

California pedestrians might see a new type of crosswalk coming to their roads known as the pedestrian hybrid crosswalk. Because 70 percent of accidents that kill pedestrians occur at midblock crossings, these may significantly reduce fatal accidents. The mechanism is pedestrian-activated, and it begins by briefly flashing a yellow indicator that then becomes steady. Next, … Read More

Teen charged after hit and run kills pedestrian in California

A California teenager faces criminal charges after a fatal car accident involving a pedestrian in San Leandro on June 18. The 18-year-old male from Hayward was charged on June 27 for the accident that took place at the intersection of Thronally Drive and Hesperian Boulevard. The pedestrian accident occurred at around 9 a.m., when a 26-year-old … Read More

Three helicopters evacuate victims from California accident

Six pedestrians were struck, and one was killed, when a 65-year-old man drove his Nissan sedan onto the sidewalk in the 3600 block of Sonoma Boulevard in Vallejo. Three helicopters descended on the scene to transport victims. Two of them were a 4-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy, who were hurt alongside their mother. A traffic … Read More

Driver in zombie parade incident pleads not guilty

California residents may be interested to learn that a driver who was responsible for driving through a crowd of pedestrians during San Francisco’s Comic-Con pleaded not guilty to charges on May 3. The incident occurred at a zombie parade near 2nd and Island avenues in July 2014. During the preliminary hearing, more than a dozen … Read More

Keeping pedestrians safe in California

On average, a pedestrian is 1.5 times more likely to die in a traffic accident compared to an occupant in a motor vehicle. In 2012, a pedestrian was killed in a traffic accident every two hours on average and was injured every seven minutes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This translated to … Read More

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