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Is There an Increase in Motorcycle Accidents in the Summertime?

As a motorcycle rider, you probably want to avoid an accident if at all possible. If you are thinking about hitting the road a lot this summer on your bike, you could be concerned about the potential for motorcycle accidents. Yes, it is true that they happen, but there are ways to protect yourself. There are also steps that you can take if you do get into an accident, such as working with a personal injury lawyer.

Are There More Motorcycle Accidents in the Summertime?

Believe it or not, there is actually an increase in both motorcycle accidents and automobile accidents during the summer months. A few things could contribute to this, including the fact that people can be more prone to head on long road trips or otherwise hit the road when the weather is nice. Entire blog

Oakland Warehouse Fire

An Oakland warehouse fire broke out on December 2, claiming the lives of over 30 people. The warehouse was known as the Ghostship. It was a work-live space that more than two dozen people called home. Artists and others, looking for affordable rent in the Bay Area, used the space as their art studio and many people lived there to avoid paying costly rent elsewhere.

On the night of the deadly fire, a dance party was being hosted on the upper floor of the building. Frequent parties were held there to raise money in order to keep rents low for the people that lived and worked in the warehouse. The City of Oakland has confirmed that the permits issued to the building only allowed for use as a warehouse.

In November, the City of Oakland received several complaints of trash and debris outside of the Ghostship warehouse and also complaints of unpermitted construction on the property and inside of the building. An inspector visited the premises and confirmed that there was trash and debris outside of the building that posed a hazard. An investigator was sent back to the property and attempted to gain access to the building but was unable to do so.
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