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Sexual abuse is one of the most heinous and violating acts of an innocent child. The injuries from child sex abuse can create lifelong scars both physically and emotionally. As the parent or guardian of a child sex abuse victim, you feel as though a piece of your child’s innocence has been lost forever. While nothing can ever fully restore this, seeking justice on behalf of your child is important toward bringing some sort of closure and moving forward.
If you have suffered child sexual abuse in the past, it may not be too late to take legal action. Speak up now and hold your abuser accountable.

Protecting Rights of Child Sex Abuse Victims

At Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., our lawyers are very sensitive to the delicate nature of child sexual abuse cases. Child sex abuse cases are some of the most emotionally charged cases. We know how to be effective and aggressive as your legal counsel, all while remaining compassionate to the case at hand. Your trust has been understandably shattered. Our skilled child sexual abuse attorneys are here to build that trust again and seek justice for your child. We work with psychiatrists, counselors and medical experts to help victims learn how to describe what has happened to them.

We handle child sexual abuse cases in Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo, San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area. Call 415.966.2626 or contact us online to schedule a free case evaluation.

Our firm’s lead attorney, Mary E. Alexander, is the current President of The National Crime Victim Bar Association, having been an active member for the past several years.

San Mateo, Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco Child Sex Abuse Attorneys

Our firm has handled some of the most high-profile child sex abuse cases in Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo, San Francisco and throughout Northern California. These cases include clergy sex abuse, coaches and teachers:

  • Abuse by priests/clergy: No matter what type of religion, member of the clergy or level of authority a member may have, child sexual abuse is a huge violation of trust and innocence. We have extensive experience with clergy abuse cases, having handled many of these types of cases.
  • Abuse by coaches: Soccer coaches, basketball coaches, youth sports counselors, camp directors — these are all positions of leadership that are completely violated when child sex abuse occurs. We can take legal action against schools, municipalities and sponsoring entities.
  • Abuse by teachers: You expect your child to learn and develop his or her social skills at school, not be completely violated physically and emotionally by a teacher. Time is of the essence in some of these cases, as with public schools and school districts there is a limited time for filing lawsuits.

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We don’t just work to get the right result. We work to get it the right way, through expertise, dedication, hard work and care. We offer free case evaluations. Contact us online or call (415) 966-2626 to learn how our law firm can help you fight for justice.

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