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If you or a loved one were injured by a negligent third party, contacting an attorney early is key. Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C. can answer your questions and give you the respect and representation you deserve.

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I was involved in a terrible balcony accident which resulted in Paralysis. I became a Paraplegic paralyzed from mid chest down. I had an 8 month stay in the hospital and will never walk again. While in the hospital, I …


Our Bay Area Personal Injury Law Firm Investigates Liability for California Wildfires

Late on Sunday October 8, 2017, a series of wildfires erupted in Northern California, likely due to downed power lines. Strong winds and a lack of rain caused these fires to spread quickly through Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Napa Valley, devastating the communities in their path. Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C. is currently investigating whether poorly maintained Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) equipment is to blame for the wildfires. PG&E is responsible for many of the power lines and transformers in the area. According to many reports, fallen lines may have sparked some or all of the fires. If the Northern California fires affected your home and/or loved ones, then contact us today. We can investigate your situation and advise you of your legal options. Learn More

Click to view a Ghost Ship Oakland Warehouse Fire complaint Filed in Alameda County Superior Court
Click to view a Ghost Ship Oakland Warehouse Fire complaint we are currently handling

We Are Dedicated Bay Area Personal Injury Lawyers

At Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., we dedicate our entire practice to helping clients who have been seriously injured in accidents that occurred because of another party’s negligence. From our office in San Francisco, we represent clients in Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo and the surrounding areas. Our dedicated focus on motor vehicle accidents, catastrophic injury, nursing home abuse, injuries to children and other personal injury claims allows us to effectively guide our clients through these often complex processes.

Three Families File Lawsuits Against PG&E Following North Bay Fires

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We Offer Representation That Gets Results

Our Bay Area personal injury lawyers work tirelessly to obtain maximum compensation in every case we accept, and we have a strong track record of success to show for our efforts on behalf of our clients. We take the burden of the legal issues off your shoulders so you can focus on your recovery. We prepare every case as if it will go to trial, and we will not hesitate to take your case to court in order to secure the best available outcome on your behalf.

Strong Advocates for Injury Victims

Insurance companies want to settle your case for as little as possible. They have no other concern in these cases. They attempt to downplay the severity of your injuries and make lowball offers that rarely come close to the true value of your claim. Our San Francisco personal injury attorneys take the time to fully understand the extent of your injuries and seek compensation for all your current and future needs.

Presenting the Strongest Possible Case On Your Behalf

One of the hallmarks of our practice is our in-depth trial preparation. We develop innovative exhibits and displays that clearly tell your story and support your claim for damages. We have a well-earned reputation for our courtroom capabilities, which frequently puts us in a more advantageous position during pretrial negotiations.

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If you have been involved in an injury accident or your loved one was a victim of wrongful death, our lawyers are ready to help. We invite you to schedule a free initial consultation by calling 877-226-7103 or contacting us online today.

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